Are my tethers too long? I can touch my chin to my chest with the device on.

The HANS Device comes properly adjusted for all drivers. Unless you have changed the tether length it is fine and will work in an impact.

The HANS Device is the only head & neck restraint that allows exceptional vision via slack tethers and exceptional safety due to the way it works. The slack in the tethers is automatically taken up during impact. For information on how to adjust your tethers to factory specs go here and scroll down to Quick Start Guide.

What type of shoulder belts work best with a HANS Device?

Any SFI or FIA approved shoulder harness system works fine with the HANS Device.
2" or 3" shoulder belts in nylon or polyester work fine with the HANS Device.

Be sure to mount and replace your belts in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Only the HANS Device spreads the belts around your neck, preventing chafing and maximizing belt performance.

Do some shoulder belts slip off the HANS Device?

No. Properly mounted belts do not slip off the device.
If your shoulder belts will not stay securely on the device chances are that you do not have the belt mounts properly located in your chassis. For more information see the Quick Start Guide section on shoulder belt mounting go here and scroll down to Quick Start Guide.

The HANS Device actually maximizes belt performance by spreading the belts around your neck, allowing the belts to be mounted as close together as possible for best performance. In over 3600 crashes involving HANS Device use as inspected by NASCAR there was not even one concern about belt retention or slippage.

I race on a short track at relatively low speeds. Do I need a HANS Device?

Serious head and neck injuries happen at impact speeds as low as 35mph. On short tracks with tight turns it is easy to be "Q-balled" almost straight into the wall.

Don't put your safety at risk. New sliding tethers available on all HANS Devices allow full vision on a tight track.

Do I need a different HANS Device for each helmet?

As long as each helmet is fitted with the proper anchors, you can use one HANS Device with multiple helmets. Because the HANS Device is the only head & neck restraint that directs the loads thru the forehead area, you can use an open face helmet with the HANS Device too.

When should I replace my HANS Device?

Unless it saves your life in a major wreck you may never have to replace your HANS Device. Keep the device away from sunlight as this attacks the high performance resins used.

Can I share a HANS Device?

Provided that you are of similar physical size and shape to your partner, chances are good that you can share a HANS Device. Both of you will need to have HANS anchors installed on your helmets.

Can I wear a "horse collar" foam pad with a HANS Device?

Foam collars are comfort accessories, not safety equipment. Wear one to stabilize your head and helmet on rough tracks.

Testing has shown a horse collar adds mass to the helmet and head loads that must be carried by the neck. This increases the chance of injury.

Do I need a special helmet?

HANS helmet anchors fit any competition approved racing helmet. Because the HANS Device is the only head & neck restraint that directs the loads thru the forehead area, you can use an open face helmet with the HANS Device too.

I have an unusual racecar. Do you make a HANS Device that will fit?

The HANS Device can be worn in virtually any vehicle (not just cars) that uses two shoulder belts as part of the driver restraint harness.

Only the HANS Device is available in 4 angles and 5 sizes to match any application.

How do I care for my HANS device?

HANS Devices need almost no maintenance but should be kept clean and dry.

Tethers are dated. Replace every 5 years, after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed.

Extreme hot or cold environments should be avoided and they should be kept away from petroleum products and other corrosives as these can affect even the strongest composite materials and resins.

To protect them, HANS Devices should be stored out of direct sunlight. They may be cleaned with soapy warm water.

How much does a HANS Device weigh?

Not much! Weights below for a 20 degree size Medium:

Adjustable - 948g, Sport II - 710g, HANS III - 594g, Pro - 488g, Ultra - 505g, Ultra Lite - 391g

Weights given are for raw devices and are affected by size. Tethers and padding add weight.

What if my HANS Device is in an impact?

HANS Devices are one of the strongest parts of your safety gear but should be inspected periodically or after major impacts. Tethers should be replaced after any major impact.

Examine your HANS Device visually and run your finger around the edges. Any sign of de-lamination or surface cracking and exposed composite material means the device has served its purpose and should be replaced.

Even the most thorough inspection can fail to detect damage. This is one of the reasons that we do not resell used devices, and we do not recommend that anyone buy a used device. If in doubt about the integrity of a HANS Device it should be replaced.

What is the difference between the different series available?

The only difference is weight - all HANS Devices offer the same exceptional level of protection.

Professional Series weigh about 1 pound and Sport Series weigh about 2.25 pounds.

Pro Series are made of hand laid, high modulous carbon fiber and Sport Series are made of injection molded carbon fiber.

When I put the device on, it rubs against my neck. Is that normal?

The padding is adjustable and moving it away from the neck often remedies this concern. This is a compromise to allow the driver to have greater clearance for steering and other arm movements.

Can I buy parts and support for my older HANS Device?

The sliding tether upgrade which allows unrestricted vision fits all HANS Devices. We no longer offer parts or services on the original Model 1 HANS Device.