HANS Accessories

Once you have your Hans device, we have a bunch of accessories for you that can make strapping on the device even easier and more comfortable to wear on and off the track. From contour and shoulder padding for improved comfortability, to post collar anchors, M6 anchors and quick click anchors we have you covered with many different options for quicker and easier releases.

Hans Contour Padding Kit: Improves the comfort of your Hans device by having sealed pockets combined with air and foam with alligator shaped padding.

Hans Post Collar Anchor: The Hans Post Anchor is a top-quality product designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between your Hans device and your racing helmet.

M6 Anchors: Quick-release helmet anchors that are much lighter and lower-profile than the original quick click anchors used.

Quick Click Anchors: Quick click anchors feature pull strings for faster release!

Shoulder Padding Kit: Replacement foam or gel padding to make your Hans more comfortable. Hans offers a number of replacement foam pads and upgraded gel pads for their devices.

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